Quart Stroke Pump

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An economical way to dispense exact quantity of media per stroke Heavy duty Industrial Pump that dispenses 1 Quart / 1 Litre per stroke Extremely useful in applications requiring metered delivery, the pump works on a precision rack & pinion mechanism Pump has a built in 2” Bung Adaptor & comes complete with a telescopic suction tube for use with 15 gallons (50 litre) – 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels Other design features include: a. Spring Loaded Drain Back Tube for overflown media b. Lockable handle which allows the pump to be pad locked, when not in use c. Lock Nut for positioning the pump outlet in any direction WETTED COMPONENTS Steel, Aluminum, Nitrile Rubber & Acetal RECOMMENDED USE Gear & Lube Oil, Petroleum based Media , Diesel & Kerosene DO NOT USE WITH: Water Based & other corrosive fluids
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