Action Spout Extender

Product no.: ASE35
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Action Pail Spout Extender Pour Liquids from Containers Smoothly! • Adds over 9” of spout length • Fits 5-6 gallon pails • Features a breathing tube to prevent chugging • Available for 33 mm (1-5/16” I.D.) and 35 mm (1-3/8” I.D.) flexspouts This one-of-a-kind liquid spout extender attaches directly to plastic pull out flexspouts on plastic and steel pails, making the transfer of liquids safer, easier and more accurate. Features a breather tube to relieve internal pressure in the container, allowing the contents to pour out in a smooth non-chugging stream. Each kit contains a 3” L spout adapter, 1" O.D. x 9” L transfer tube, ¼" O.D. x 30” L breather tube, and ½” L x 11/16” I.D. threaded outlet with screw cap to prevent evaporation or dust from entering the container. Note: Spout extender is designed to aid in the transfer of fluids and is not a compliant cap for storage. Please remove after use.
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