Brass Transfer Pump

Product no.: BLG-1
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A Portable Hand pump that provides clean, quick, hassle free transferring or evacuating of a wide variety of media including engine oil, coolants, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, oils, diesel, water, Antifreeze etc. Pump has a non corroding premium Brass construction & hand removable Neoprene caps. These are small & lightweight & fit easily in a toolbox or the trunk of a car Self priming Smooth & easy Operation Fully serviceable with no threaded parts For use on cars, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, lawn & garden equipment etc. BLG/1 Pumps approx. 100 ml (3.20 oz.) per stroke. Comes complete with 24” (600 mm) of ½” (12 mm) dia. discharge hose & 40” (1000 mm) of ¼” (6 mm ) dia. of Suction Hose. Typical applications include Draining out oil from crank case or ATF through dipstick hole. Does it from under the hood & not under the car Cleaning sludge accumulation from oil filter case Removing water from radiator to add antifreeze or to service thermostat or pump Draining Stopped sinks Transferring fluids from one container to another, without lifting Pumping water out of small boats

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